Eye of the Adversary

Location The Fifth Eye
Start Dhama
End Dhama
Reward 40 XP

Eye of the Adversary is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

A potential dangerous entity may be lurking in Fifth's Eye tarven. Dhama called this entity Adversary, a mind-eater, These malign beings were defeated in a psychic war by Dhama and his friends, but he believe a single Adversary survived. He asked Last Castoff to find and confront his old enemy,


This quest can acquired by talking to Dhama, he will ask Last Castoff to find out his old enemy.


The Adversary is actually standing right next to Dhama and his friends, but it can not be seen by naked eye. The Last Castoff must drink the 'black ichor', one of Feriok's chancy drinks at the bar, which alters their perception just enough to catch a glimpse of the creature.

After finding out that Adversary (called itself Malaise), tell Dhama, then choose to let them at it (Dhama will die), assist them (Dhama may die), or handle it alone (Dhama won't die).

Alternatively you can avoid the fight entirely by resisting Malaise via a couple Effort checks. Using  words of Qra (learn from Theoboros) may help you with that.

Malaise will ask you three questions to determine the compatibility of your wills, apply efforts to prevail or guess the right answer.




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    • Anonymous

      I don't understand why it would be "very difficult" to face it alone? I didn't have to engage in combat, I simply answered some questions then overpowered it with will.

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