Ebon Eyes

+1 Training Level in Perception skill
Grants immunity to Blinded Fettle
Negative Effects(Can be mitigated with the Concentration skill):
-1 Training Level in Stealth skill
Price: 400 shin

Ebon Eyes is a Bonded item in Torment:Tides of Numenera.


Ebon Eyes Information

This pipette contains a liquid of deepest fuligin - a color even darker than black. Applied to the eyes,the liquid spread evenly over the eyeball. But instead of causing blindness,they actually enhance the user's vision and also thicken,when necessary.to protect the eyes from harm.


Ebon Eyes Locations

  • Given by Peliai if you peacefully resolve Shaky Foundations and say no when asked if you promised anything else.
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Ebon Eyes Notes

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