A Wrested Mind

Location Mind Construct
Start Mind Construct
End The Calm
Reward 25 XP

A Wrested Mind is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Quest Information

The seal on the portal to the fantom where I met Kamose, Villon, and Diviaticu has weakened. It should now be possible to open a way back there, but no doubt the Sorrow Fragrement that sealed it in the first place still remains.


When you entered your mind construct next time after you leave Kamose, Villon and Diviaticu. You will notice the seal on the portal weakend, interact with it to activite this quest.


When you feel prepared, enter the clock fanthom through your mind construct. You need to fight Sorrow Fragrement there, alone or with your teammates. Destroying it will complete this quest.


Acquire quest Infestation.


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