Scholarch's Archive

Bonded (Artifact)
315 Shin
+1 Training Level in Lore: Machinery Skill
+1 Training Level in Lore: Natural Skill
+2 Damage on Esotery attacks
+1 damage per Effort applied (Max: 8) on Esotery attacks
Negative Effects
-1 Training Level in Persuasion Skill
-3 Initiative

Scholarch's Archive is an Bonded in Torment: Tides of Numenera



Scholarch's Archive Description

"This bony, segmented chain unravels at the touch of living flesh and latches eagerly onto a user's spine.

Once attached, the user will sense the presence of another mind within their head that is wise, knowledgeable, and contagiously rude."



Where to Find / Location

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Item Type

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