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After you created your character and left that strange place inside your mind,the game officially start. (See Character Creation if you want to know more.) You wake up in a Broken Dome, which looks strangely familiar but you can not rember more. Two explorers, Aligern and Callistege witness you fallen from sky and survived the impact. They are curious and interested about you and able to answer many of your questions. You can let them join your team after the conversation, they are both Nanos with unique Descriptors.

Before you leave this room, don't forget to exaime the objects within. If you have proper stat and skill, you can gain extra exp here.

Outside the Broken Dome, four former colleagues of Callistege find you and believe you are the falling star they saw. They are hired to take you with them. If you have high Intellect stat and deception skill you can talk your way out, but do so only gives you 50xp. You can also tell them the truth and fight them, it's easy and give you more exp along with some items and Shin. You can also decide whether or not let their leader live, no matter what you chose, Aligern and Callistege get into another argument before leaving the area, you have to decide which one of them you want to travel with.

Sagus Cliff is the first major area in Torment: Tides of Numenera, it has five major sub areas: Circus Minor, Government Square, Cliff's Edge, Underbelly and Caravanserai. Each subarea is populated and filled with side quests. There are two place you can sleep, first is Changing God cult's camp in Circus Minor, they charge a fee of 20 shin. Another is Tranquility's inn in Caravanserai, the charge is 2 shin for each member at Last Castoff's party.

In order to continue main story, two main quest-Fallen to Earth and The Cold, Caculating Jack- need to be finished before you can move to next major area in Torment: Tides of Numenera. However, before you leave, there are many side quests worth of your time. One recommend route is recruit Tybir in Circus Minor by finish quest Stay of Execution first, he is useful in both combat and diplomatic situations. If your character is not a diplomatic build, then Tybir is a must have.

Before you pick any other quests, you may want to pay Aidan Sitabo in Cliff's Edge a visit.Defeat him increase your Speed pool by one permanently.Save your game before challenging him, so if you fail you can have a second try. Similarly, O and Dhama in The Fifth Eye can increase your Intellect pool permanently. Making you more capable in dealing with most situations.

There are some side quest you probably dont want to miss in Sagus Cliff area, like The Sorrow's Prey  and Shaky Foundations, they provide good rewards. Quest Beloved Slave leads you to a potential party member Rhin. Another party member, Erritis, can be found in Cliff's Edge.

Some quests are also recommanded because they can be done with the main quests, like Borrowed and LostCircles in Red and The Airship Theif. If you want to experience more flavour of Torment:Tides of Numenera, you can check our Locations page for quests in each seperate area.

When you feel prepared, talk to Master Rennio in Caravanserai to take Last Castoff to next major area.

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