Circles in Red

Location: Underbelly
Start: Fulsome
End: Fulsome
40 XP for accusing someone.
500 shin for accusing Kiyatawa

Circles in Red is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

A murder is loose in Underbelly,the poorest and foulest ward in Sagus Cliffs. If the culprit isn't caught soon enough,more people are likely to die...


This quest can be acquired by talking to Fulsome at the scene of the crime in the south of the Underbelly, who asks for bring him any related information found.


First step is to examine the crime scene,ask Fulsome for his permission,then check the body and the blood circle. With Anamnesis skill Last Castoff gain 2XP for the first memory,and 2 more for surrendering to second memory,at cost of some health point.

Fulsome suspects the involvement of Matkina,the so called White Death,who is an assassin of some repute.He isnt sure where she is,but suggest a mutant named Mappermight know.

Matkina is hiding in Cave of Last Words,she can be found after at the end of main quest The Cold, Calculating Jack.

Question Matkina after she joined Last Castoff's team,and she insisted upon her innocence. Take her to examine the crime scene,and she thinks murder is a member of the Dendra O'hur cult.

Ask the permission of Imbitu to question cultists at Dendra O'hur Chapel,Imbitu himself in innocent and has a good alibi.
There are three suspects:

Mallet had a rivalry with the victim, and doesn't shy away from admitting it. When confronted about Kiyatawa's accusations about him killing people, he readily acknowledges that he killed one person, but only the one. (2 XP) He also seems to be troubled by the memories that come with eating the dead.

Kiyatawa doesn't feel at home in the cult. When confronted with what Mallet said about her eating a corpse on her own in an alley, she confesses that she ate on her own, and shares her mistrust of her 'colleagues', thinking that they might eat her one day. (2 XP)

G'zei is a mutant from another world, where the only sustenance comes from eating her own kind. She doesn't define murder in the same way as humans do, perceiving a killing as an honor as long as the entire body is consumed, thus preserving the soul.She adds that the other two cultists have been sneaking around at night, and keeping secrets.

The Last Castoff can then return to Fulsome and chose who is the real murder in his/her opinion. If accused, G'zei and Mallet will be hanged, despite their professions of innocence. Kiyatawa flees the city before .


40 XP for accusing someone.
500 shin for accusing Kiyatawa


This is a timely quest,if negelect after acqusition,other NPCs will be murdered everyday.Start with Crooked Queek.

    • 07 Jan 2017 17:54

      for full "inspector gadget" points, you can query the head foreman in the foundry to check on Mallet's alibi, and you can visit Prata (merchant in the circus area) to find out about Kiyatawa.

      as a sidenote, since this mentions her, the fishing rod near Crooked Queek will yield a new cypher after resting each day. not sure how many total, but DO make sure to at least get the next one, as it is a permanent stat boost cypher.

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