Gender Male
Race Human
Class Glaive
Descriptor Overly-Impulsive
Focus Is as Heroic as He Believes Himself to Be
Location Cliff's Edge

Erritis is one of your potential party member in Torment:Tides of Numenera.He is a overly-pulsive Glaive who is as heroic as He Believe Himself to be. Erritis seeks great advanture,when he heard there is a star falling near Sagus Cliff,he steal an airship from Master Rennio to find it,unfortunately,this airship crash in Cliff's Edge.

Recruiting Erritis

Erritis can be found near the wreckage of his airship crashed in Cliff's Edge. In an effort to avoid boredom at all costs, he begs to join the party whether the Last Castoff confesses to being the star he was looking for or not.

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