Gender Male
Race Human
Class Nano
Descriptor Hardened
Focus Fights with his demons
Location Broken Dome

Aligern is one of your potential party member in Torment:Tides of Numenera.He is a hardened Nano who fights with his demons.Aligern used to be the Aeon Priest of a small aldeia to the far west from Sagus Cliffs.He has been cas off from Order of Truth,who thought him obsessed with his research and refused to aid it in any way.His forearm covered by some sort of Living Tattoos,which he thinks is a curse.

Aligern believes you are the Changing God,not just a newly abondaned castoff.He is very interested to join you,for his own reason.

Recruiting Aligern

He and Callistege are mutually exclusive,you can only have one of them after the first scene.If you chose to travel with Callistege,he will leave for Sagus Cliffs' Underbelly ,you can add him to your party later,provide Callistege is not with you.

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