Gender Female
Race Human
Class Nano 
Descriptor Dimension shifting
Focus Pierces Realities
Location Broken Dome

Callistege is one of your potential party member in Torment:Tides of Numenera.She is a Nano,always surrounded by multitudes of other versions of herself from other realities that she calls "sisters".she discovers the Last Castoff in the Broken Dome and insist to join the party (if you have Scan Thoughts ability,you will learn more about her motivation), pressing the Last Castoff to seek out the Order of Truth.

Recruiting Callistege

She and Aligern are mutually exclusive,you can only have one of them after the first scene.If you chose to travel with Aligern,she will head to Order of Truth,you can add her to your party later,provide Aligern is not with you.

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