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Dimensional Superposition

Tier 1, Callistege


Focus Ability

Teleport to a point within range then gain Phased (Converts all damage to Transdimensional and grants +30% Evasion, +3 Resistance except Transdimensional damage dealth to this character is +100%).

When one exists in all realities, moving from "here" to "there" while avoiding enemy's clumsy blows is simply a matter of willpower.


Tier 1, Tybir

Passive ability

Focus Ability

All other party members gain +5% on Deception tasks, +5% on Intimidation tasks, +5% on Persuasion tasks.

The charming jack's ease with words rubs off on his companions. Everyone in the party finds it much easier to talk their way out of problems


Tier 1 Active ability Ends turn immediately. Make a basic
attack against the first enemy that moves
within weapon range.
Gain +15% on attacks this way.
In the midst of combat, you withdraw, creating an opening... and the fool who tries to take advantage of it quickly discovers her mistake

Practiced In Armor

Tier 1 Passive ability Gain 3 Speed Armor Cost Reduction
3 Might Armor Cost Reduction
Reduces the penalty on Esotery attacks incurred by Armor by 15%
Armor's weight means little to you. While others rattle and stumble, you move through battle with calm assurance

Shield MasterShield Master

Tier 1, Defense focus Focus abilities

Gain +10% Evasion as long as you have an item equipped in the Offhand slot.

In your skilled hands, you can make almost 'anything' a shield.

Flex Skill

Tier 1, (Jack) Type Ability

Choose one exploration, lore or conversation skill. +1 training level in the skill while active.

Your mercurial temperament can occasionally be a hindrance... but when you focus on a skill, you are without parallel.


Tier 1 Passive ability Gain +1 Training Level in Cypher Use Skill (allows you to carry additional cyphers). You know how to handle your cyphers and how to store them properly.

Scan Thoughts

Tier 1 Passive ability You get additional information in conversations While speaking with the inhabitants of the Ninth World, you will sometimes hear their thoughts. This is often helpful, though rarely appreciated

natural-charisma-tormentNatural Charisma

Tier 1, Silver Tongue focus Focus Ability Max Effort +1 on Persuasion, Deception, and Intimidation tasks. You are a natural leader, a gracious speaker, and gifted with words. People find it easy to relate to you.

Numenera  Analyzer

Tier 1, purchased from
Jernaugh at Cliff's Edge
Passive ability +5% on Lore:Natural Tasks.
+5% on Lore:Mystical Tasks.
+5% on Lore:Machinery Tasks.
Whispering directly into your mind in the voice of a somewhat befuddled gentleman of advanced years, this implant provides useful insight regarding the nature and usage of numenera you examined.

Blood Nanites

Tier 1, purchased from
Jernaugh at Cliff's Edge 
Passive ability  Grants immunity to most fettles that deal damage per round, such as Bleeding or Burn Millions of increadibly tiny machines constantly swim around your blood boosting your immune system and sealing wounds almost immediately.

Jagged Memory

Tier 1, purchased from
Jernaugh at Cliff's Edge 
Passive ability  +1 Relativistic (Ignores Resistance) damage on melee weapon attacks

This artifact is a metal mesh, installed beneath your skin, that guides your attacks so they wil lalways seem to find an old scar or wound that never quite healed, causing more serious injury than would otherwise be dealth.

The noted scholarch Arii-noq postulated that this artifact functions by causing the older wound before the fight ever begins. The injury then troubles the victim, perhaps for years, slowing them such that the current attack lands.

Clawed Gauntlets

Tier 1, purchased from
Jernaugh at Cliff's Edge 
Passive ability   Upgrades your unarmed attacks with retractable blades that deal 4 physical damage When held against lower arms,these complex mechanical rods will dig themselves into the user's flesh. At a flick of the wrist, they produce long metal claws that enhance unarmed attacks. One would be wise to apply them with the correct side sticking outwards.

Artificial Eyeball

Tier 1, purchased from
Jernaugh at Cliff's Edge
Passive ability 

+1 Training Level in Perception Skill

Made of synthetic materials and loaded to the brim with advanced sensor technology, this device greatly enhances your visual acuity. It also has a slightly disconcerting propensity to re-orient itself at random times, causing odd looks from passerby

The Encroaching Darkness

Tier 1, purchased from
Jernaugh at Cliff's Edge
Passive ability  (Once per day) Heals 8 points of Health  

This tiny, ink-black blot is a living creature, made of thik fluid. When applied to your skin, it can shape itself into a number of different kinds of black tattoos, shifting easily into complex glyph shapes. When the wearer is asleep, the Dark crawls iver the skin changing into new patterns as it finds a new place on the body to rest. When it has found a suitable spot, its tendrils dig deep into the flesh, providing some form of restorative boon.

The exact nature and origin of the Encroaching Darkness is hard to determine. Aeon Priests have debated whether an individial Darkness is in fact one entity or an entire civilization living on another beings skin. The relation of the Darkness to the wearer is meant to be symbolic, but the symbiosis appears imperfect.

Seria's Peace

Tier 1, Complete quest Ashen Imitation Passive Ability  Gain +1 Might Pool, +1 Speed Pool, +1 Intellect Pool. Seria's calming music fills you, strengthening you in every way.

Clear MindClear Mind

Tier 1, wipe out Sorrow fragments in Sorrow's Fathom Passive Ability Free of the Sorrow's influence in your mind, you gain +1 Might Pool, +1 Speed Pool, +1 Intellect Pool. You have purged the Sorrow from the depths of your mind. Your thoughts seems cleare than before. Your inherited body feels faster. Stronger.

Inifere's MadnessInifere's Madness

Tier 1, Peacefully close the Endless Gate then talk to Inifere in The Calm. Passive ability Draw strength from madness, but pay a cost for that strength: +1 Might Edge, +1 Training Level in Intimidation Skill, -1 Intellect Pool. Your brother's agony and power lives within you, crippling you. Strengthening you.

Artaglio's Cunning

Tier 1, Feed Artaglio to the maw in the Gullet and absorb his mind Passive ability All companions in short range gain Artaglio's Cunning (+5 Initiative, +15% Willpower, +10% on Persuasion tasks, +20% damage). He might be a drunkard, but Artaglio brings decades of tactical experience to every battle he fights... and now he's sharing that knowledge with you.

Nychthemeron DefenseNychthemeron Defense

Tier 1, Release Nychthemeron on its term. Passive ability Enemies receive a random negative fettle when attacking you in melee

The creature's alien thoughts fill your mind, lashing out at those foolish enough to attack you.

Erritis' Luck

Tier 1, Bring Erritis to the alcove in the Valley of Dead Heroes Passive ability Increased critical success chance

Thanks to Erritis, your attacks are slightly more heroic now.

Choi's BalmChoi's Balm

Tier 1, Talk to Choi in The Calm Passive ability +1 Endurance skill

You have given Choi a peace of sorts. She returns the favor, helping you endure through difficult and painful times.

Catena IntelligenceCatena Intelligence

Tier 1, Invite AIs in Catena Interior to live in your mind. Passive ability

Max effort +1 on Intellect tasks.

When you have a captive machine intelligence augmenting your mind, pattern-matching and memory-related tasks become so much easier.

Summon Corpuscular Maw

Tier 1, Bond with the Bloom Passive ability Spawn a Corpuscular Maw in the target area You cast your will across the link between your mind and the Bloom, summoning one of the transdimensional leviathan's countless maws to help you in battle.

Unfailing Precision

Tier 1 Passive ability +10% critical success chance on weapon attacks Your keen eye and your unerring strikes drive your foes to their knees


Tier 1, Defense focus Focus abilities End turn immediately. Whenever an attack misses you, make a basic attack against that enemy if in range. There is no limit to the number of attacks that can be made this way each turn. You are a patient fighter, willing to wait until the moment is right to strike. Your rivals mistake this for fear... and when they test you, you show them why they were wrong.

Skill with Defense

Tier 1 Passive ability +10% Evasion, +10 Willpower You know how to place your feet, how to angle your shield, and how to deflect your enemies' blows. You can through combat, and none can lay a finger on you

Trained Without Armor

Tier 1 Passive ability Gain +10% Evasion, +10% Willpower when
wearing no armor or Light armor
Who needs armor? It's slow and cumbersome, and that extra weight might just get you killed. You prefer speed and mobility anyway

Surprise attackSurprise Attack

Tier 1, Stealthy focus Focus ability If this character is Hidden or targetting an enemy that is Blinded, gain +10% on attacks and +3 damage. You strike from the shadows. You see weakness in your enemies, and you strike 'first' and hardest.


Tier 1, Stealthy focus Focus ability Gain +5% on Quick Fingers tasks, +5% on Deception tasks, +5% on Perception tasks. The darkness is your ally. You excel at skills suited for the shadows

Elbow GreaseElbow Grease

Tier 1, Glaive Passive ability +5% bonus gained from each level of Effort spent on Smashing or Quick Fingers tasks. A little extra force is sometimes all it takes to succeed at certain physical tasks.

Amaurotic Wound

Tier 1, Matkina Focus Ability

Focus Ability

When Matkina is Hidden or the target is Blinded, gain +20% on attacks and confer or extend Blinded on the target (-50% Movement Speed, -35% Evasion, -35% on attacks, -35% damage). Active 3 Rounds.

Matkina prefers to stalk the battlefield unseen. So long as she's undetected, her attacks inflict deeper wounds on her enemies and blind them with the Tidal energies swirling about her.

Castoff Vitality

Tier 1, Matkina Focus Ability

Focus Ability

Matkina never gains Lasting Damage when knocked unconscious (dropped to 0 health)

Mortal wounds are nothing to a castoff. When Matkina falls in combat, the injuries that felled her will knit back together with only a scar to mark they had once been.

God of HidingGod of Hiding

Tier 1, Rhin Type Ability

Gain +30% on Stealth tasks.

Rhin claims to have a god who knows everything of hiding. It's hard to argue with the result

The Direct Approach

Tier 1, Erritis Focus Ability

Focus Ability 

All other party member's gain +5% Smashing tasks, +5% on Initiative tasks, +5% on melee attacks. 

Subtlety isn't very heroic. Smashing things is. By following Erritis's heroic example, all party members are much better at breaking things into small cowardly pieces.

Living Tattoos

Tier 1, Aligern Focus Ability

Grants the Living Tattoos fettle. Allows Aligern to create chained effects the more he uses similar actions (up to four links in the chain)

Aligern's tattoos swarm and swirl over his skin, lending themselves to whatever purpose the former priest puts his mind to, each building on the similar strength of the last.

Mind Barrier

Tier 2 Type ability +1 Intellect pool.
+1 Physical Armor
Increase your Intellect pool maximum


Tier 2, Glaive Active ability Attack all targets in a line in front of you, dealing [Damage] to any who fail to evade. Obstacles? No problem. Especially if those obstacles are made of flesh. You're a natural with ranged weapons, and you know just where to aim to pick off the people who hide behind their allies.

Targeting Eye

Tier 2, Callistege

Passive ability

Type Ability

Gain +15% on Esotery attacks,

A mechanical enhancement to your biological eye helps you focus your more esoteric attacks.

Hard-Earned KnowledgeHard-Earned Knowledge

Tier 2, Aligern

Focus ability

+5% on Lore: Machinery, Lore: Mystical, and Lore: Natural tasks for party members

Aligern has spent his life knee-deep in drit, studying numenera of every kind. His allies benefit from his vast knowledge.

Esoteric Knowledge

Tier 2, Callistege

Passive ability

All other party members gain +5% on Lore: Machinery tasks, +5% on Lore" Mystical tasks, +5% on Lore: Natural tasks.

There is little that confounds Callistege. Not for long, at least. Companions attempting Lore-focused tasks will benefit from her extensive experience.

Trained Infiltrator

Tier 2, Matkina Focus Ability 

Focus Ability

All other party members gain +5% on Deception tasks. +5% on Stealth tasks.

The castoff's quiet. calculated presence inspires her allies to greater heights of deception and stealth.

Vindictive Combatant

Tier 2, Glaive Passive ability

[SimpleDamageModifiers] against targets with positive fettles.

They might be bigger than you. They might be stronger than you. But they're not as devious as you, and you prove it every time you face someone who tries to get the upper hand.

Deal Maker

Tier 2, Silver Tongue focus Focus Ability +5% shins earned from selling, -5% cost from buying.  Keen trade strategies earn you more shins when selling,and better prices when buying

Inspiring Presence

Tier 2, Silver Tongue focus Focus Ability  You and allies within a short range gain Inspired (+5% Evasion, +5%Willpower, +5% on all tasks) all the time. Your charisma and charm makes everything a little easier for you and your compainions

Datasphere Link

Tier 2 Type Ability Gain +1 Traning Level in Lore: Machinery Skill: +1 Training Level in Lore: Mystical Skill, +1 Training Level in Natural Skill The Knowledge of the ancients is at your fingertips. With a little concentration, you can summon esoteric lore and random trivia.

Armor ExpertArmor Expert

Tier 2, Defense focus Focus abilities Allows characters of any Type to wear armor with limited costs. Gain 3 Might Armor Cost Reduction, 3 Speed Armor Cost Reduction, +2 Armor. Reduces the penalty to Esotery attacks incurred by Armor by 15% Your armor fits you like a second skin. If it were up to you, you'd never take it off.


Tier 2, Defense focus Focus abilities Regain 30% of points spent on Effort whenever you fail a non-combat task. Your hidden reserves keep you going when others would be spent.

Singularity Spike

Tier 2, stealthy focus Focus ability All attacks gain bonus Relativistic damage. Your weapons blur between multiple dimensions, doing damage to armor, flesh, and reality itself.

Dimensional Power

Tier 2, Callistege Focus Ability While Phased, gain +2 damage Calligtege's sisters lend extra power to her attacks while she fluctuates between multople realities.

Cloak of Ahl

Tier 2, Rhin Type Ability

All other party members gain +5% on Stealth tasks, +5% Evasion, +5% on Esotery attacks

Whether Rhin's god of hiding is real or not, even her friends seem to benefit from being near her.

Kinetic OverdriveKinetic Overdrive

Tier 2, Erritis Focus ability Gain +3 Might Pool, +3 Speed Pool. Erritis is stronger and fast than other heroes. Than 'any' heroes, really. After all, he's the greatest hero who ever lived!

Cypher Limit Increase

Tier 3 Type Ability

Type Ability

+1 Cypher Limit

Practice with handling cypher allows you to carry more withour risking ill effects.

Training and PrecisionTraining and Precision

Tier 3, Callistege  Focus ability While Phased, gain +15 on attacks. A lesser mind would stagger under the weight of cascading realities. Not Callistege. While she flickers between worlds, her sisters work together to guide her attacks to their targets.

Combat MagusCombat Magus

Tier 3, Aligern Focus ability Increases Armor and accuracy Aligern doesn't rely on esoteries alone. He's just as dangerous an opponent at melee distance as he is at range.

Unstoppable Force

Tier 3 Type Ability Gain +2 damage on Esotery attacks. Your unrivaled mental prowness strengthens your esoteries beyond the capabilities of weaker beings


Tier 3, stealthy focus Focus ability Gain an additional bonus to attack and convert all damage to Relativistic when attacking while Hidden or targeting an enemy that is Blinded. None can prepare themselves for your vicious ambush. You leap from the shadows to deliver a devastating surprise attack.

Lucky CombatantLucky Combatant

Tier 3 Passive ability Gain +15% on attacks. Blindfolded and upside down, you'd still hit your target. You're just that good.


Tier 3, defense focus Focus ability Ends turn immediately. If any ally within Short range is hit by an attack while this ability is active, swap positions with them and take the damage, fettles, or other effects instead. You withdraw to keep a watchful eye over the battlefield, and step in swiftly to take the blows meant for an ally.

Versatile EffortVersatile Effort

Tier 3 Passive ability When Flex Skill is active, gain a +5% bonus for each level of Effort applied to tasks it affects. You're a jack of all trades, able to make connections between disparate tasks. Your broad base of knowledge makes it a snap to apply your skills to new situations.

Amaurotic FieldAmaurotic Field

Matkina, tier 3 Focus ability Enemies within range of Matkina who fail to resist gain Blinded (-50% Movement Speed, -35% Evasion, -35% on attacks, -35% damage). With a muttered phrase, Matkina releases the Tidal energies bound to her blinding nearby enemies.

Skirmish SpectacleSkirmish Spectacle

Erritis, Tier 3 Focus ability Whenever Erritis lands a critical hit with a melee weapon, confer Dazed to all enemies in Immediate range of him (-15% Willpower, -15% on attacks). Active 1 Round. When Erritis lands a powerful blows, his aura flares, blinding his enemies and giving them a moment to consider how outmatched they really are.

Successive AttackSuccessive Attack

Tier 3 Passive ability When you kill an enemy, immediately make a bonus attack against the nearest enemy in range without moving. Applies to both melee and ranged attacks. You're not done yet. After killing an enemy, you can turn your fury on another target without pausing for breath.


Tier 3 Passive ability Ignore the Flanked fettle when surrounded by enemies. You're never surrounded. You're exactly where you're supposed to be.

Tall Tale TellerTall Tale Teller

Tybir, Tier 3 Focus ability +5% on Lore: Machinery, Lore: Mystical, and Lore: Natural tasks Tybir's seen a few things in his life, and he's more than willing to share what he knows. His allies benefit from his experience and eagerness to rehearse his favorite stories.


Tybir, Tier 3 Focus ability Increases Evasion and Willpower Call it luck or skill, but Tybir is very, *very* good at staying alive long enough to loot the bodies.

God of ChangeGod of Change

Rhin, Tier 3 Focus ability Adds a new God. Rhin has acquired new skills - some bordering on magic. She claims she made a god and pulls a dull shin out of her pocket to show you.

Enhanced EsoteriesEnhanced Esoteries

Callistege, tier 4 Focus Ability While Phased, Callistege's esoteries can be cast one step further in range than normal and any fettles applied by them last -2 rounds. Callistege is stronger with her sisters behind her than she ever was alone. While flickering between realities, her attacks reach further than they normally would and are much more effective.


Matkina, tier 4 Focus Ability While Hidden or attacking a Blinded enemy, automatically kill the target if it is below 40% Health. Badly-wounded enemies never watch for the hidden blade. Matkina's stealth-attacks against these targets are always fatal


Rhin, tier 4 Type Ability +4 Cypher Limit Rhin is always learning and asking questions. Her hunger for knowledge makes her more adept with cyphers than some natives of this strange place.

Plague SpiritsPlague Spirits

Callistege, tier 4 Type Ability Infuse critical hits with entropic forces, conferring Disrupted on the top of the normal effects of the ability (Entropic forces destabilize the target, causing negative effects to increase each round.) When you strike true, your enemies quail. The damage you do lasts beyond the moment, devouring your foes' energies from the inside.

Strength From InkStrength From Ink

Aligern, tier 4 Focus ability Living Tattoos now provide increased bonuses and add new effects to attacks The tattoos bend to Aligern's will and choice of target. They can either heal and protect his allies... or deal crippling damage to his enemies.


Tier 4, defense focus Focus ability Whenever an enemy makes melee attack on you, they are shoved back a Short distance. Subconscious telekinetic energies coil about your body, driving back anyone foolish enough to lay hands on you.

Concentration Increase

Tier 4 Type Ability

Type Ability

+1 Training Level in Concentration Skill

Nanos gain a free level in the Concentration skill.

Press AdvantagePress Advantage

Tier 4 Passive ability Gain +30% critical success chance on attacks against targets with negative fettles. The best time to strike an enemy is when he's weakened.


Tier 4 Passive ability Max Effort +1 on all non-combat tasks. You dont's get tired as easily as normal beings, and you're able to keep working on certain task when others would falter.

Invigorating Conversation

Tier 4, Silver Tongue focus Focus Ability Refill your Intellect pool whenever you get critical success on a Persuasion,Deception or Intimedation tasks. Refill your Intellect pool whenever you get critical success on a Persuasion,Deception or Intimedation tasks.

Pinning Reaction

Tier 4 Passive ability Opportunist and Counterattack attacks end the target's turn on hit. A foe can't fight if she can't move. Your opportunistic attacks shock your enemies' minds, stopping them in their tracks.

Drink to the DregsDrink to the Dregs

Tier 4 Passive ability Max Effort +1 on attacks. Focus. Effort. Precision. These are your watchwords, and you put them into play every time you make an attack.

Event Horizon

Tier 4, stealthy focus Focus ability Once per crisis: Become Invisible (completely untargetable, only removed when it expires - not due to any action). Reality bends to your will, hiding you and your actions from your enemies.


Erritis, Tier 4 Focus ability When Erritis lands a critical hit, gain bonus damage to his attacks for the rest of the Crisis. This effect stacks, increasing with each critical hit. With every powerful blow, Erritis's glow intensifies, and his attacks get stronger... and stronger... and *stronger*.

Shoot FirstShoot First

Tybir, Tier 4  Focus ability Gain increased attack accuracy against enemies with a lower Initiative than Tybir. The Ninth World is full of the graves of honorable men, and Tybir has no intention of joining them. His attacks do much more damage against unprepared opponents.


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