Ashen Imitation

Location: The Fifth Eye
Start: Ghostly Woman
End: Engine in Buried Crossroads
Reward: 40XP

Ashen Imitation is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

After strangled to death by a ghostly woman in the Fifth's Eye, Last Castoff awoke in a new fathom of the Labyrinth. There the ghostly woman appeared again,and claimed that women in Sagus Cliffs are being transfered into copies of her, though she dont know how and why, and she wants to help them if she can.


This quest can be acquired by letting the ghostly woman in The Fifth Eye kills you. Then talk to her in Daughter's Fathom.


After a conversation with ghostly woman,Last Castoff need to find following copies of her in order to restore her memory.

1.Loss-of-Self in Cliff's Edge, just north of the bar, who is suffering tremendously fighting off the woman's voice she hears in her head.

2.Sygin, the Captain of the Levies in Government Square, who has found a way to stop the 'transformation' process.

3.Avina is a young flute player in Cliff's Edge who looks a lot like the ghost woman. Telling her she looks like someone in the Fifth eye yields 2 XP, and she says she gets that a lot, and that she fought off the other woman in her head.

4.Seria, a dead girl found in a collapsed house in Cliff's Edge, the reflection of whom can be pulled into the Labyrinth. She can be found as part of another quest: The Sorrow's Prey.

Return to Daughter's Fanthom (commit suicide),interact with newly appeared forms to find out the reason behind this kind of transformation. Ask ghostly man how to stop engine from making that woman's copies and he will summon three Tabahts to attack you.Defeat Tabahts, and the ghostly man will show you how to turn off the engine.

Travel to Buried Crossroads to turn off the engine.




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