The Order of Truth is a large organization in the Ninth World, dedicated to knowledge and the discovery and understanding of numenera. Although the order uses religious terminology, members revere no gods, only the pursuit of knowledge.

The local chapter of Sagus Cliffs can be found in Government Square.


Amber Pope: Highest authority of the Order

Cardinal: Advisors and lieutenants to the Pope. Each in charge of the operation of a particular area of the Order of Truth’s bureaucracy.

Bishop: Have positions of significant authority in the order.

High Priest: In charge of one church or temple.

Priest: General rank and file members.

Deacon: New priests usually have no church and travel doing the Order's work

Monk: Cloistered priest researchers that work in monasteries headed by an abbot.

Acolyte: Priest in training.

Paladins: Soldiers under the direct control of the Order.


The branch of Order of Truth in Sagus Cliff,is founded by Changing Gog himself,but his purpose remains unknown.

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