Hidden Enemy

Location: Cliff's Edge
Start: Lord Vuntgen
End: Lord Vuntgen
Help: 40XP and Charmpaste
Kill: 40XP and Second Skin

Hidden Enemy is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

A rogue stichus is lurking somewhere in the district of Cliff's Edge. Lord Vuntgen,the head of one of the slave families, has promised a reward to find where this creature is.


Talk to lord Vuntgen at Cliff's Edge and he will invite Last Castoff to find this stichus.


 The rogue stichus is hiding at the back of an alley in the southeastern portion of Cliff's Edge. On the way there,there are three poor children on street. Form the conversation they apperently know the stichs but chose to hide him from anyone because he is a friend to them and they afraid that other people may hurt that stichus.

 Talking to that stichus will learn why is he here and he poesses no threat to people live here. There is multiple ways to solve this quest:

 1,Get rid of that stichus

  1.1 Killing the stichus will end this quest,and upset the children protecting him.Lord Vuntgen is displeased either since he want his people to see this stichus and be frightened,so that he can rally them.

  1.2 Tell Lord Vultgen where is the stichus,and he will lead mobs after it.

  Whatever you do to get rid of this stichus,the reward is the same.

 2, Help that stichus

  2.1 Go to Underbelly and persuade Ch'kekt to dig a tunnel to rescue his kin.This a diffcult Intellect task.

  2.2 Use the automation created by Master Foreman to dig a hole to rescue the stichus.

  2.3 Alternatively, speak with mother Temaz and succeed on a persuasive check to learn that Lord Vultgen is half yokozi, blackmail him to call off the hunt

  After that stichus escaped,tell Lord Vultgen about it. You can also claim a reward from the children protecting that stichus.


 Chose to get rid of stichus: 40XP, Second Skin

 Chose to help stichus: 40XP,Charmpaste.


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