Weather of Numenera

Even the weather of the Ninth World is an artifact of the numenera. In the Steadfast and the Beyond, it grows colder as you travel south. The southernmost lands of the Steadfast, for example, have cool summers and harsh winters. The central and northern portions have warmer summers, but even the southern edge of the Cloud Crystal Snowfield sees snow and frost in the winter.

The mountains of the Black Riage have long, oppressive winters, with the southernmost passes open for only a few months.

Overall, the climate is dry, and with a few exceptions (along the coast, for example), rain is uncommon and accompanies terrible storms. Rumors say that particularly harsh or strange storms are either the result of a harmful numenera effect or the slow degradation of a beneficial one.

Either way, storms with dangerous winds, hail, and lightning grow more frequent each year. Other storms— still thankfully very rare— bring oily black rains that kill crops rather than nourish them, or weird magnetic fluctuations that bend matter and disrupt minds. But even these pale in comparison to the most terrifying weather effect in the Ninth World: The Iron Wind.

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