Wayward Son

Location Cliff's Edge
Start Mother Temaz
End Mother Temaz
Reward 25XP and Caul Shield

Wayward Son is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

Mother Temaz,an old midlife in Cliff's Edge, asked Last Castoff to assist one of her wayward "children", a young man named Piquo who is struggling with diffcult choice.


This quest can be acquired only by male Last Castoff and talking to Mother Temaz.


Go find Piquo near chiurgical parlor. Ask him about his past, and suggest him to use his money on education, strength or appearance.

If you have Tybir in your team, he'll want to fleece the lad, ending the quest.

Alternatively once you have discovered Piquos past, you can talk to Crooked Qeek in the underbelly and ask her about Piquo. Then return to Piquo and using either persuasion or intimidation to convince him to return to the Underbelly to look after her.Talk to Mother

Tamez after helping Piquo made his decision. 


 25XP and Caul Shield


Female Last Castoff gets Wayward Daughter quest.

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