Valley of Dead Heroes in Torment: Tides of Numenera is a Location.


Valley of Dead Heroes


Experience can be gained here:

  • 2XP, exaime the woodplate near landing point.
  • 2XP, try to determine the nature of the darkness tear on left side of this region. (require Lore: Natural)
  • 2XP, ask Luca Meregalli about himself.
  • 2XP. interact with the pool. (Lore: Natural)
  • 3XP, look into the eyes of statue.
  • 4XP, look into the eyes again.
  • 3XP, look into the eyes 3rd time.
  • 15XP, look into the eyes 4th time.
  • 2XP, try to decipher the meanning of monument
  • 2XP, ask if a bard can join the Blob-of-Three.
  • 3XP, examine the crystal
  • 25XP, Try climb to the portal and the obelisk will fall, you can find a mask then. Give the mask to Blob-of-Three

Notable Items

Items can be found in this area:

  • ???


Merchants in this area:


  • The first time you arrived, some Children of Endless Gate will ask you to search for 2 memorialists for them before letting you in. Help them find these memorialists (interact with stone behind you), decieve them you couldn't find anyone, or simply attack them to get in.
  • If you bond with the Darkness you will gain permanently 1 point of Intellect
  • You can rest at Thalana's place for 100 shins, she's at northwest of this map.
  • The floating upside-down pyramid can unleash healing power to heal your team.
  • A man named Colo is similar to Callistege can be found here. 

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