Tide-Augmented Sploorch

Type Type Ability

Idealist: +5% Critical success chance on all tasks

Blue: +15% chance to hit

Red: +1 damage per level of effort

Indigo: On critical hit, confer Dazed (-15% willpower, -15% on attacks). Active 1 round

Gold: On critical hit, heal all party members for 5 health

Silver: On Critical hit, confer compelled. Active 1 round.

Tide-Augmented Sploorch is an ability in Torment:Tides of Numenera.


Tide-Augmented Sploorch Information

"Sploorch, Oom's basic attack, gains +15% chance to hit and +1 damage per level of effort.

It also gains addtional effects based on Oom's Tidal alignment.

If Oom also has the Sploorch Mastery ability or the Folded Realignment ability but is only aligned to one tide. These bonuses are increased."


Tide-Augmented Sploorch Notes

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