Thunder Cannon

Heavy Ranged Weapon

10 Physical damage

+1 Damage per Effort (Max: 3)

On critical hits, confer Knocked Down (-45% Evasion and consumes Movement to stand).

441 Shin

Thunder Cannon is a Ranged Weapon in Torment: Tides of Numenera



Thunder Cannon Information

Through this bulky metal device was not intended as a weapon, a handle was added at some time in the past, aloowing it to be wielded as one. When someone takes hold of the handle, a low buzz emanats from the device. The sound intensidies as the weapon prepares to fire. building to a crescendo and discharging with a thunderous roar. The cannon's projectiles are blast of sonic vibrations, capable of striking a target with deadly force.



Where to Find / Location




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Item Type

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