Gender Male
Race Human
Class ???
Location The Fifth Eye

Theboros is a NPC in Torment: Tides of Numenera. He appears in The Fifth Eye.


Theboros Information

  • 4XP, persuade Theboros you are better custodian than him.
  • Theboros is related to quest Eye of the Adversary and A Call to War.
  • 4XP, convince Theboros to tell the Last Castoff a Word of Qra.



Theboros appears in The Fifth Eye. 



The last castoff - "Ziobie says one of you veterans is a psychic projection. Is it you?"

Theboros - "A psychic projection. That's an interesting way to word it, Z" He tilits his head toward Ziobie. "Couldn't you say that we're all psychic projections, in one way or another?"

He leans in. "Put it this way. Are you always how I picture you? Does your behavior change based on my thoughts?"

The last castoff - "Yes. Depending on that image, anyway, I might change my behavior to improve your opinion."

Theboros - "So you're influenced by my thoughts, but are my thoughts the whole of you? If they are, then you're my imagination, and the converse. You'd say we're one consciousness subjectively experiencing itself, and that means we're all each others' - and out own - psychic projections." He takes a slow reflective breath.

"But we're also autonomous, eh? At least to some degree. You exist when I'm not paying attention to you - pretty sure I've no need to imagine someone like you."

"We might as well say that we're all interconnected at a fundamental level, that our thoughts and actions have effects on each other. It might not be reality - that is the truth, but we each have a perception of a truth. It's a guiding star that we use to live our lives. It's not reality for everyone, but it's reality for us. It's our story."

Dharma of the Bloom - He rolls his eyes. "Oh no Ziobe, Theboros is getting started again."

Theboros - "Hush, you. I'm lecturing."

He turns back to you. "Even if we don't understand reality, we understand stories. So maybe our best gauge for how we experience each other is through the stories we know and the words we use then we tell those stories."

He laughs. "What I'm really telling you is that I'm not Ziobe's projection. Maybe learn some of our tales and you'll get to the truth. A truth, anyway."



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