The Tome of Singing Thorns

Quest Item


     The pages of this ancient, heavy book rustle as if waiting to be turned. A castoff tattoo is is inscribed onto the title page. Someone has attached a much newer tag to the binding which reads: "Exclusive Property of Falinda and Steristi, Booksellers"


The Tome of Singing Thorns is a quest item in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


The Tome of Singing Thorns Information


The Tome of Singing Thorns is a quest item required to complete Borrowed and Lost. The tome is located inside a chest in northwest corner of the Buried Crossroads which can first be accessed during the Shaky Foundation questline.


The tome can be accesed from the inventory screen to reveal a puzzle. An inscription inside the tome reads "Symptoms - Cyanosis. Haemophilia. Spontaneous bruising. Jaundice. Argyria." Each symptom is a disease or condition that is commonly associated with a certain skin color.


 (Cyanosis - Blue / Haemophilia - Red / Spontaneous bruising - Indigo / Jaundice - Gold / Argyria - Silver)


The Tome of Singing Thorns Notes


Correct order to solve the puzzle is:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Indigo
  • Gold
  • Silver


 Solving the tome's puzzle the first time will permanently increase the Last Castoff's Intellect pool by 1.


Solving the puzzle a second time will award the Last Castoff with some lore and 2 XP. 

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