The sorrow's prey

Location Circus Minor
Start Zaofi the sculptor
End Zaofi the sculptor
Reward Seria's Peace
40XP,Spirit Shroud

The sorrow's prey is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

Zaofi,a sculptor in Circus Minor,witnessed the murder of a man by the Sorrow,the same creature that is hunting Last Castoff. Now he is obsessed with sculpting the moment of the killing,but all his attempts have been failures - he can not immortalize the victim untils he learn more about him.


This quest can be acquired by talking to Zaofi the Sculptor in Circus Minor.


  • After aquired this mission,first thing you need to do is to visit Dendra O'hur Chapel in the Underbelly.There you can find the body of a castoff,whose tatoo burnt to his bones.Touching his tatoo gives you 2XP at cost of 2HP.From Imbitu. leader of Dendra O'hur cult you learn that this man has been seen in Cliff's Edge.
  • Now go to victim's house near chiurgical parlor (west to floating triangles, not far from three Changing God cultists), interact with it and you find the body of a young woman,also a new shape formed inside Last Castoff's mind.
  • Ask the Changing God cultists nearby about what happened to that house,then who loot this place. You can share your knowledge of your birth with them in exchange of information,that gives you 2XP and you learn three dusty children was rummaging through the ruins. Now, talk to the little girl named Avina ask her to give you that puzzle box found in ruins.
  • To continue,you need to get into your mind construct again (you automatically go there when you die). If you don't wish to die, speak with Tranquility in Caravanserai to put you into your mind at no cost. Once there use the puzzle box on that empty form,then you can talk with her. She will tell you the story of Orseolo-her father and the victim of the Sorrow. 2XP for asking her how the Sorrow find her father. She also reveals that her father helped a lot of girls like her, who heard another woman's voice in their head. Speaking with her advances another quest: Ashen Imitation.
  • The quest is finished after you tell Zaofi your findings. Whatever you say to him wont affect your rewards.
  • If Zaofi was given the proper information, later you can find him terrorized by something. The Sorrow visited him, praised his work and took it from him, for it "touches a piece of the truth that mortals must never see", then vanished.



Speaking to Seria after giving her the puzzle box: Seria's Peace
40XP, Spirit Shroud



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