The Lost Shepherd


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The Lost Shepherd is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Quest Information

Erritis has been acting strange ever since we entered the Valley of Dead Heroes. I need to figure out what's bothering him. Erritis spoke fearfully of alcoves in the Valley of Dead Heroes. Maybe searching the Valley and finding the alcove he's "not afraid of" will explain why he's behaving strangely.



  • If Erritis is in your party, when you arrive in the Valley of Dead Heroes he will begin acting funny once you head west a little ways. He will speak to you and this quest will automatically be obtained.



  • Step into the Light near Phoenix in the Valley of Dead Heroes and you will be ported to a walkway above. Follow the walkway and interact with the greenish room on the right. This will progress the quest. The next time you are in your mind, during the quest The Sanctuary of Miel Avest, you can speak with him and he will ask you to rid him of the demons inside him.
  • In Bloom, find Demeray or Obervich at Chiurgeon's Slump, talk to them to learn there is a nano-demon specialist lives in the Old Slave Block
  • At Old Slave Block, help Skoura (What the Winds Took) and she will teach you to influence the Audience possessing Erritis.
  • Head to your Labyrinth, talk to Erritis, and decide whether to empower the Audience or make it release Erritis. 



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