The Endless Gate  is a location in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

The Endless Gate


Make sure you have visited Choi's Tomb and Ronos Choi's Tomb before visit here. Otherwise it's very diffcult to solve the problem here in peaceful ways.

Three group of Children of Endless Gate blocked the way, they will attack you once you approach, aided by their master in the dark. You can bypass them by killing the victims on road, but everytime you do so, the final battle will be more difficult (although if you successfully persuade Inifere there will be no battle) .

Inifere is at the end of the road, listen to his stories. If you have complete the quest Severed Child (or at least visit Choi's Tomb), you can persuade him to leave. Otherwise you will have to attack him.

You will be teleport back to the tomb outside once you handled Inifere.

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The Endless Gate Sub Areas

  • None



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Notable NPCs

  1. Inifere





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    • Anonymous

      05 Sep 2017 05:38  

      I neither complied the quest Severed Child, nor did I visit Choi's tomb, but was able to resolve this without combat.

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