The Caretakers' Riddle


Necropolis Entrance






25 XP

The Caretakers' Riddle is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Quest Information

The memorialists have placed a whisperlock on the Necropolis's teleport terminal. It's impossible to enter the tombs beneath until the lock is removed.



  • When you enter the Necropolis Entrance the first time. Motley will ask you to find the password. 



  • If you learn the name of that strange statue outside (by looking into its eye multiple times), and you can scan thoughts. You will find the password yourself.
  • You can also promised the memorialist that you will help them so Taliro will tell you the password.
  • After you know the code, you can tell Motley or just Open the teleport yourself. Note that Motley dont want to keep his end of bargain.
  • If you decide to help the memorialists, Taliro will ask you to close the gate of Endless Gate.
  • Use the code "Guni" to open the portal. Then chose the tomb you want to go.
  • 3-4-3-1, code form Matkina
    3-5-4-3, code from Tantalum
    1-2-5-4, code from Talira Kyo, the Gate of Endless Gate and their lord Inifere.
    4-1-3-5, code from a memorialist's corpse.
    5-1-4-3, code from a note on Motley's body
    4-2-2-1, code given to you by Oddwald the Sane 
    2-4-1-3, code given by Ronos Cai'sul 
    4-5-4-2, Cypher: Philiactery (Summons a Husk to fight for you). Sliver desire this cypher, Giving him the Philiactery grants you one of three rewards, a Medium Ranged weapon, another Cypher or Machine Lore.



  • 25 XP for deactivating the Whisperlock



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