The Anechoic Lazaret

Location Anechoic Lazaret
Start Selimeri
End Selimeri
Reward Ring of Entanglement

The Anechoic Lazaret is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

Selimeri, an "old friend" of the Changing God, has been investigating a gilded structure in the Reef of Fallen Worlds which she calls the "Anechoic Lazaret." Recently, someone seems to have broken inside and caused some sort of trouble. She asks the Last Castoff to enter the structure, find out what has gone wrong, and make it safe to continue her research.


This quest can be acquired by talking to Selimeri in Order of Truth. She gives the Last Castoff a metallic eye that should work as a key for the structure.


Anechoic Lazaret is located in the Reef of Fallen Worlds, on the east side of the map. You may encounter some Murdens guarding the entrance, defeat them to proceed to lower levels.

The lower level contains many Peerless drones, if you are polite they wont attack you in an instant. But to complete the quest you will have to fight them. Luckily, there are three terminals in this level can heal your wounds when interacted. Once a terminal is cleansed from Peerless, some of the drones will become Inscrutable Drones and help you in the following fights.

After all three terminals cleansed, and disabled the crippled drone you can leave the area.

Qorro stopped you before leaving, and he asked you to credit him in cleansing this place. You can refuse him or do him a favor. Help him and he will tell you a secret: Lan Uring is actually a spy for the Memovira.

Report to Selimeri, she is very pleased to hear that. She will also give additional rewards if you managed to save some drones (turn into Inscrutable Drones). One such reward is Areph which is 1/2 of the Shadow Ring.



40 XP

Ring of Entanglement x2



  • Bug Fix by Beef Jerky:

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    • Anonymous

      Welp I mad it to here and the bug fix didn't work. unfortunately I'm bad at saving and have to redo a few hours worth of gameplay to get back and try it again.

      • Anonymous

        This bug is still not fixed in 2019, however someone clever found a workaround and described how to fix it by simple modifying game file: This fix worked perfectly for me

        • Anonymous

          I too was unable to complete this quest. Saved some of the drones, disabled peerless and cleansed all 3 pillars but am not receiving any dialogue to show this from selimari and the quest still highlights clear out the peerless infestation.

          • Anonymous

            Well, crap. I disabled the crippled drone first and went back to Selimari and she didn't acknowledge that it was cleared, and now all my autosaves are reset by walking through the city and my saves inside the lazaret overwrote each other automatically so I don't have any recent save to go back to. I guess restart the entire game from the beginning? O.o

            • Anonymous

              Killed most of the drones before I was able to activate the pillars and deal with the original Peerless. About 3 - 4 Inscrutable drones survived. Selimeri was very happy that I saved some of the drones (dialogue option appeared without any context), gave me a reward, but the main quest is still unfinished and Selimeri is a dead end now obviously.

              • Anonymous

                I disabled the crippled drone before I purged the 3 terminals, and now it's not letting me finish the quest. I'll have to reload and do the area over I think, very annoying !!

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