Sploorch Mastery

Type Type Ability

Idealist: +5% Critical success chance on all tasks

Blue: +15% chance to hit

Red: +1 damage per level of effort

Indigo: On critical hit, confer Dazed (-15% willpower, -15% on attacks). Active 1 round

Gold: On critical hit, heal all party members for 5 health

Silver: On Critical hit, confer compelled. Active 1 round.

Sploorch Mastery is an ability in Torment:Tides of Numenera.


Sploorch Mastery Information

"Sploorch, Oom's basic attack, gains + 8 max damage from effort.

It also gains addtional effects based on Oom's Tidal alignment.

If Oom also has the Tide-Augmented Sploorch ability or the Folded Realignment ability but is only aligned to one tide. These bonuses are increased."


Sploorch Mastery Notes

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