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Skaydi is a NPC in Torment: Tides of Numenera. 


Skaydi Information

  • Merchant located in Memovira's Couryard
  • She will not sell to you if you try to remove her scarf.





  • If your Lore: Natural is high enough you can try to look under her scraf then examine the Aneen next to her and then Persuade her to let you help. You can then either help her drive out the thoughs for 4 XP and a discount or you can convince her to let them in for 4 XP and no discount.



Name Type Number in Stock Effect Cost
Sprayflesh Useable Item 4 Heals 8 points of Health 40
Verred Medium Melee Weapon 1   35
Battleaxe Medium Melee Weapon 1   38
Maul Heavy Melee Weapon 1   55
Greataxe Heavy Melee Weapon 1   98
Buzzer Light Ranged Weapon 1   15
Stingcharge Light Ranged Weapon 1   98
Crossbow Medium Ranged Weapon 1   35
Slugspitter Medium Ranged Weapon 1   110
Needler Medium Ranged Weapon (Artifact) 1   806
Heavy Crossbow Heavy Ranged Weapon 1   28
Shield Offhand 1   15
Pancea Cypher 1   269
Still Mirror Cypher 1   240
Clockwork Strut Bonded Item (Artifact) 1   815
Talisman of the Gentle Hierophant Bonded Item (Artifact) 1   575

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