Scan Thoughts

The surface thoughts of most people or creatures
you speak with appear in conversations.
You get additional information in conversations.

Scan Thoughts is an ability in Torment:Tides of Numenera.


Scan Thoughts Information

"While speaking with the inhabitants of the Ninth World, you will sometimes hear their thoughts.
This is often helpful, though rarely appreciated


Scan Thoughts Notes

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    • Anonymous

      I should clarify that while I don't think you get any special dialogue responses, you do get extra text that wouldn't be there otherwise, which is certainly worth it on my first playthrough

      • Anonymous

        Not very far in the game yet but so far haven't found a situation where it gives much of an advantage. Unless having the skill shows dialogue options that wouldn't be there other wise ( I doubt it ) the main appeal to me is the RP aspect of my intelligent and knowledge hungry nano absorbing as much info as he can.

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