Type Intellect Abilities
Activation Cost 1
Target 1 Enemy
Range Medium
Defended by Willpower
Effects Choose a damage type. Deal 5 damage of that
type and confer a minor additional effect based
on the choice.
+1 damage per Effort applied (Max 6)

Onslaught is an ability in Torment:Tides of Numenera.


Onslaught Information

"Assail your foes' bodies or their minds with a blast of summoned energy."


Onslaught Notes

  • Energy: Add knockback to the attack
  • Chemical: Adds the Burn fettle to the attack (2 damage at the start of their turn)
  • Transdimensional: Adds the Hobbled fettle to the attack (-50% movement, -15% evasion)
  • Mental: Adds the Dazed fettle to the attack (-15% willpower, -15% attack)


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    • Anonymous

      Energy provides knockback
      Chemical provides burn (2 damage every turn)
      Mental provides Dazed (-15% willpower and attack)
      Unsure of Transdimensional

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