One True Love

Location Caravanserai
Start Omahdon
End Tranquility
Reward 25 XP

One True Love is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

Omahdon,a man at Caravanserai is looking for his lost love, Perseia. He says that she suffers from a madnees that causes her to flee from imagined dangers, and he has been trying to catch up to her for years. Omahdon tracked Perseia for years and ask for Last Castoff's help to find her.


This quest can be acquired by talking to Omahdon in Caravanserai. He is searching for his love, a purple haired woman named Perseia. He said she is suffered some kind of madness, that makes she think he is dangerous to her.


Find the Antique Hair Clip in the drawer of a nightstand in Tranquility's Rest, the nearby inn.Then return to Omahdon with evidence.

Confront Tranquility with evidence, and she revealed that she indeed hosted Peresia for a short time. She says Omahdon is obsessed to Peresia but the girl didn't share his feelings, and she has fled from him ever since. You can also use Intellect (Persuasion) to suggest that Perseia put Omahdon in a trance - if you know of her abilities.

Go back to Omahdon, persuade him stop following Peresia, or make him by using force. Then tell Tranquility the problem is solved.


Tell Omahdon where Peresia went. He will reward you and leave to find her.


  • 25 XP
  • Standstill cypher (if you told Omahdon where to find her)



  • Perseia can be found later in Valley of Dead Heroes, if you put Omahdon down. You can learn that she is very pleased someone just take her words and put the fool down (by scanning her thoughts.)

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