The shard of glass displays an image of three strangely-garbed children in a field. A sequence of them playing a simple ballgame repeats itself. After repeated viewing, you notice a small child standing further away in the field. This fourth child is looking directly at you. Her large eyes brim with fear

Knave's CardKnave's Card

A playing card shows a grinning Nibovian Child. When you tub your thumb over the card, it triggers an adaptive illusion that changes the face of the card, though you can't discover the trick to getting specific card faces to appear.

Globe of ZhrulGlobe of Zhrul

This synth globe clearly depicts an unknown world. The more you look at it, the more details you discover... as if the globe somehow enhances and concentrates your vision as you examine it.

Cyclonic CubeCyclonic Cube

Light moves strangely through this glass cude, forming square patterns of blue and purple colors.

Beads of Mother TemazBeads of Mother Temaz

This long string of beads belonged to a midwife in Cliff's Edge. Each bead on the string is distinct and unique, representing one of the babies she delivered over the course of her long career. Touching one of the beads will put you into very brief mental contact with whoever that vead represents.


This brightly-colored aquctic creature has a short loop of elastic material running through one of its even legs.


This dark mask appears to be made of wood, yet it feels like cold metal to the touch. When you put it to your face, you hear the sound of wardrums beating in the distance.


This flower has an everlasting, pulsating, light-blue glow that becomes stronger with few lights around. Curiously, the pulsation period is approximately equal to the heart rate of a relaxed human. On occasion (and for no apprent reason), the pulse quickens, as if in fear or arger. In absolute darkness it blooms with a light beyond the visual spectrum.

M's SphereM's Sphere

First discovered by a sage travelling through the Black Riage centuries ago, this item was presumably named after that exploere, though the full name is long lost and only the initial remains. A number of these spheres have since been discovered in different places, usually in caches of similar items. The small, jet-black sphere - made of unknown material - hovers above one's hand, Some reports say that it sometimes randomly changes shape. Its surface has no opening, not even a single scratch or mark. Onecan feel a slight vibration from the sphere while it hovers, though some hear a humming that is not entirely pleasant. as its its darkness draws the light from the world. The item is rumored to have a beneficial effect on the user, but this may be just wishful thinking. When put away, the sphere stops all activity, as if it can feel the vicinity of living tissue.


This dusty ball is whiter than anything you've ever seen. At the merest touch, it swirls with a myriad of colors that shifts to different hues as you move your fingers.

Heavenly SubmissionHeavenly Submission

This otherwordly gem is unlike anything you've seen before, with cuts so fine that they are beyond counting.

Enigmatic SphereEnigmatic Sphere

As you pick up the small, plain obsidian sphere, it turns a frosted white and change size to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Marked with fine lines in all directions, it is smooth and cool to the touch and extremely light. When you heft it around in you hand however, you notice that is weight seems to temporarily increase as more momentum is applied to it.


This strange device resembles a heavy cinderblock with a protruding lens that retracts and extends. It releases a brilliant flash of light whenever the buttom on the side is pressed, and strange images form on the block's cracked crystalline panel.

Soul of the ForgottenSoul of the Forgotten

This casket is all that remains of a forgotten people who once lived and prospered in the Ninth World. Their names are etched into the lid in markings that resemble no known language. While beautifully engraved on the outside, the casket is minimalist, even base, on the inside. A single pastille lies within, containing the essence of those who created it.

Compass of the NavigatorCompass of the Navigator

This synth device appears to be compass of some sorts, runes and eyetwisting markings lining its edges. The compass arrow swings in seemingly random directions, as if it were tryinh to steer you.

Floating PendantFloating Pendant

Held by an invisible chain, this pendent is in the shape of a tiny simplified brehm. It has no apparent weight when held or worn. The invisible chain snaps itself around the wearer's neck when the pendant is held to the chest.

Murden Chief's KeyMurden Chief's Key

This ancient key is fashioned of synthsteel, with a numver of free-sliding blocks and spirals that move of their own volition. It is probably capable of opening one or more doors in the Old Slave Block. You acquired the key from the murden chief, but it almost centrainly dates from a time long before the murdens took residence in the Slave Block.


Those who speak through this device have their voice heavily distorted, as if shouting underwater. Along the side an alien word is written, followed by a string of numbers. While the word is always the same, the numbers change each time the device is used.

Ophidiax HuskOphidiax Husk

This ancient strip of material is withered and ripped in several places, but nonetheless flexible and strong. If twitsted and tied upon itself, it can be worn on the wrist as a bracelet. It appears almost reptilian in nature, composed of jaggedly rounded scales and shaped somewhat like the head of a laak, though it seems to be made of faded silvery metal.



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