Necropolis Entrance in Torment: Tides of Numenera is a location

Necropolis Entrance


Experience can be gained here:

  • ???

Notable Items

Items can be found in this area:

  • ???


Merchants in this area:

  • ???



  • If you helped the memorialists, you can rest here for free.
  • 3-4-3-1, code form Matkina
  • 3-5-4-3, code from Tantalum
  • 1-2-5-4, code from Talira Kyo, the Gate of Endless Gate and their lord Inifere.
  • 4-1-3-5, code from a memorialist's corpse.
  • 5-1-4-3, code from a note on Motley's body
  • 4-2-2-1, code given to you by Oddwald the Sane
  • 2-4-1-3, code given by Ronos Cai'sul
  • 1-5-3-5, code on the note of Phoenix.


Valley of Dead Heroes



Indoor Location


Necropolis Entrance Sub Areas

  • None



Notable NPCs


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    • Anonymous

      Before you embark to visit The Endless Gate, start the Severed Child quest and rto the point you'll learn of the necessity to visit this tomb to learn about Marcysa. It also gives you to an alternative way of completing Endless Horror.

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