Madelia Glittering


Gender Female
Race Human
Class ???
Location Cliff's Edge

Madelia Glittering is a NPC in Torment: Tides of Numenera. She appears in Cliff's Edge.


Madelia Glittering Information

  • Madelia Glittering is a merchant in Cliff's Edge area.
  • ???



Madelia Glittering appears in Cliff's Edge. 



  • ???



Name Type Number in Stock Effect Cost
Sprayflesh Usable Item 5 Heals 8 points of Health. 40
Fleetfoot Moss Usable Item 3 Heals 3 points of Speed. 40
Encepahlic Rush Usable Item 4 Heals 3 points of Intellect. 40
Concentrated Sprayflesh Usable Item 1 Heals 16 points of Health. 115
Hyperelutriated Force Usable Item 2 Heals 6 points of Might 115
Amplified Encephalic Rush Usable Item 1 Heals 6 points of Intellect. 115
Psychic Detonation Cypher 1 Deals 10 Damage and cofers Dazed to all characters in range of the target point. 58
Leukotic Bladder Cypher 1 Heals 13 points of Health to all allies in range of the target point. 93
Slyph Cord Bonded Item 1

+1 Training in Stealth Skill

+2 damage on Esotery attacks

-1 Training level in Ranged Weapons skill

Scholarch's Archive Bonded Item 1

+1 Training in Lore: Machinery

+1 Training in Lore: Natural

+2 damage on Esotery attacks

+1 damage per Effort applied (Max 8)

-1 Training in Persuasion

-3 Initiative



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