Foreman's Brood

Location Underbelly
Start Crippled Foreman
End Crippled Foreman
Reward 25 XP

Foreman's Brood is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

The Crippled Foreman wants to transfer its life force into tiny metallic children that it has built. So far, it's been unable to transfer sufficient power, so it ask for Last Castoff's help. If the transfer succeeds, the children will live, but the Crippled Foreman will die.


Ths quest can be acquired by talking to the Crippled Foreman.


Tell the Crippled Foreman you agreed to help him. You can ask someone at Order of Truth to bypass the safety measures that prevent the Crippled Foreman from transferring energy above a certain level. Tanish, the assistant of foreman can also help. Alternatively,you can do it yourself if you have the skills. 


Crippled Foreman died but most of its children lives. You can keep his alive "children", or just take the stillborn one. ( The Empty Child, Hyperkinetic Child cyphers, or the Stillborn Construct oddity)


If you dont take all foreman's children, in ending slide they work for Master Foreman.

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