Flawed Simulacrum

Location Cliff's Edge
Start Finzin
End Baleazar, Finzin
Reward 40XP
20 shins

Flawed Simulacrum is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

Flawed Simulacrum is a side quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera involving a man's levy that has been stalking him.


This quest can be aquired by talking to a man named Finzin at Cliff's Edge, near the stair to Caravanserai. Finzin is troubled by a stalking levy,which he believe to be the one created by his own one year of life.


 After agreed to help Finzin,go ask that tormented levy why is he stalking him.Turns out that levy has memory of a pontential future,in which Finzin set a fire in order to escape from a crime scene,and a lot of people are killed. That tormented levy is suffering from the shame of that crime,and want you to ask whether Finzin can give him another year, a better one.
 When Finzin hears of this,he point out that he never commit that crime. Just before he plan to do so he became a citizen and the plan is abandoned.

 There are two ways to solve this:

 1, Tell the captain in Government Square about this levy,she will send a squad to deal with this flawed levy.

 2, Persuade Finzin to give another year to this levy(Intellect Task).

  Min of Tan Liang in Order of Truth konws how to make a device that will transfer another year to the levy. He offers to make it for 125 shins. Otherwise, the Last Castoff can figure out how to make it at the worktable near the levy machine behind Min. Figuring out how the machine works is an intellect task aided by the Lore:Machinery skill. Examining the machine and recovering a memory through Anamnesis first decreases the difficulty of this tremendously (and grants 2 XP). Actually making the cypher is another intellect task aided by the Craft: Machinery skill. Succeeding at this grants 4 XP and the Chronal Transference Device.


Returning to Finzin and taking care of the levy grants 40 XP, Spayflesh and 20 shins.


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