Eyes of the Adversary

Location The Fifth Eyes
Start Dhama
End Dhama

Eyes of the Adversary is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

A pontential dangerous entity may be lurking in Fifth's Eyes tarven. Dhama called this entity Adversary, a mind-eater, These malign beings were defeated in a psychic war by Dhama and his friends, but he believe a single Adversary survived. He asked Last Castoff to find and confront his old enemy,


This quest can acquired by talking to Dhama, he will ask Last Castoff to find out his old enemy.


The Adversary is actually standing right next to Dhama and his friends, but it can not be seen by naked Eyes. The Last Castoff must drink the 'black ichor', one of Feriok's chancy drinks at the bar, which alters their perception just enough to catch a glimpse of the creature.

After find out that Adversary(called itself Malaise), tell Dhama,then chose to face it alone(Very diffcult) or fight it together,




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