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Dracogen's Price is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Quest Information

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  • Only Memovira knows where the First Castoff hide, and only Dracogen can bring you to her. However Dracogen ask you to bring his Magmatic Annulet  back.



  • Magmatic Annulet is at Crystalline Cavern. To reach there you need to visit The Vast Interior first, then Chiurgeon Slump, Trade Post, The Ascension.
  • To open the portal from Chiurgeon Slump to Trade Post. Ask Sheen at Chiurgeon to give you an essence of Artaglio, then offer yourself to Maw.
  • At The Ascension, talk to The Speaker first so you can explore the area, then ask The Builder to reveal the Crystalline Cavern.
  • Inside Crystalline Cavern, interact with the machine left by Changing God (try to remember its instructions. Press glyph with lightning icon to power on the stasis pod, read the notes, then shut down the energy shield.) Or simply disable the generator.
  • Back to Trade Post, use Magmatic Annulet to communicate with Tougue Cluster, open the exit to The Vast Interior.
  • Before you return the Magmatic Annulet to Dracogen, you may want to use it help you explore the Bloom. (It's a translator, it can help you understand murdens, or Maw.)
  • Alternatively, you can help Dracogen acquire the Navigational Cortex and keep the Magmatic Annulet. See Covetous Hearts.



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