Disruption Blade

Weapon Type
Medium Melee Weapon
Physical Damage
Other Effects
+4 damage per Effort applied (Max 12)
On hit, confer Material Disruption (-3 Armor) Active 2 Rounds.
165 Shin

Disruption Blade is a Weapon in Torment: Tides of Numenera.


Disruption Blade Information

This finely crafted longsword has lines of red energy running down the blade into an energy core in the weapon's crossguard, with words from an unknown language carved into the lines in tiny lettering, Whenver someone is struck by this weapon, the red core releases disruptive energies, destabilizing the enemy's protective garments.


Disruption Blade Location / Where to Find

  • Found behind the fighting combatants in The Gullet (use the tongue to allow access)
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  • ??


Disruption Blade Notes

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