Crown of Eyes

Bonded (Artifact)
139 Shins
+1 Perception, +2 Initiative, +1 Damage per Effort
Negative Effects
-15% Willpower

Crown of Eyes is a Bonded Item in Torment: Tides of Numenera


Crown of Eyes Description

This crystalline pyramid has several carvings of half-lidded eyes inscribed around the base. Hundres of micro-hooks line the bottom, ensuring that it will firmly attach itself to whatever it's pressed against. When it is attached to the skin, it spawns extra-corporeal eyes that bob and weave nearby, gathering information for your consumption. You cannot understand everything they say - the information was not meant for a purely human mind.

Where to Find / Location

  • Trading random secrets to Iyene Who Knows in the Government Square's Red thicket will award you with the Crown of eyes.



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Item Type


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