Combat Skills

Name of skills



Heavy weapons

Extreme coordination and poise is required to land a blow with a two-handed melee weapons or canno-like ranged weapons. +15% bonus per level on attack with Heavy weapons.

Tactical Weapons

A balance of strength and speed allow Medium weapons like crossbows,rifles,and single-handed melee weapons to strike true. +15% bonus perlevel on attacks with Medium weapons.

Ranged Combat

Aiming crossbows,pistols,and stranger firearms benefits from a keen eye and focused breathing.  +15% bonus per level on attacks with ranged weapons.

Small Arms

Light weapons like daggers, clubs, and pistols require quick movements and clever misdirection. +15% bonus per level on attacks with light weapons.

Melee Combat

Wielding swords, axes, or maces requires steady footwork and a strong arm. +15% bonus per level on attacks with melee weapons.

Intellect Defense

The willpower and force of personality to resist psychic attacks and charisma of others. +15% bonus per level to Intellect defense.

Speed Defense

The reflexes and foreight required to dodge physical attacks and projectiles from cyphers and esoteries. +15% bonus per level to Speed defense.

Might Defense 

The physical strength required to block or take an enemy blow. +15% bonus per level to Might defense.


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