Cliff's Edge in Torment: Tides of Numenera is an area in Sagus Cliffs that gets its name from the immense cliff it is perched on. Many poor folks have built their homes around and in the cliff, and are at risk of collapse.

Cliff's Edge


Experience can be gained here:

  • 2XP, tell Lord Vungten that the people are not weak.
  • 2XP, ask Mother Tomaz can Lord Vungten be trusted or not.
  • 2XP, +1 permanent speed pool for defeating Aidan Sitabo (Speed/Quick Finger Task).
    • an additional +1 Speed bonus is earned if opting to end Aidan's life upon his defeat.
  • 3XP, examine the floating Triangles. 
  • 2XP, examine the Chiurgical Drone in the Chiurgical Parlor.
  • 2XP, Talk to Avina about looking like someone you met at the Fifth Eye.

Notable Items

Items can be found in this area:

  • Quickice Axe
  • Ring of El-Aemor


Merchants in this area:


Missions in this area:


Jernaugh's medical service may accidentally kill you character.


Sagus Cliffs



Outdoor Location


Cliff's Edge Sub Areas

The Fifth Eye



W: Circus Minor
N: Caravanserai
NW: Underbelly

Notable NPCs

1, Jernaugh
2, Piquo
3, Seria
4, Cultists
5, Mother Temaz
6, Madelia Glittering
7, Children
8, Sticha
9, Aidan Sitabo
10, Rhin
11, Lost-of-Self
12, Lord Vungten



Flawed Simulacrum

Hidden Enemy

Wayward Son

Wayward Daughter


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    • Anonymous

      If you sleep (rest) after you talk to her, Mother Temaz's house may collapse and she will die. Nothing can be done to prevent this. It will fail the Wayward Son quest if you hadn't finished it yet, but it'll still collapse if you've already completed it. You can also search the rubble for an oddity.

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