Gender ???
Race ???
Class ???
Location ???

Artaglio is a NPC in Torment: Tides of Numenera. 


Artaglio Information

  • He is a drunk soldier in Chiurgeon Slump
  • You can give him Artaglio's Standard and he will either give you 380 Shins or you can use a favor to send him to the Maw after speaking with the Maw.
  • If you out drink him, which requires harder and harder Endurance checks he will offer you Shield of Two Skies, Shins or you can send him to the Maw
  • You can get Shins and the shield from him if you do both and use Persuasion or Deception to send him to the Maw after.
  • If you fed him to the Maw he will appear in The Gullet. You can use Tidal Surge to take away his pain gaining 2 XP and Moderate Gold Tide, but losing 5 Health. If you do this you can use Tidal Affinity to draw him into your mind granting the ? ability.








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