The Vast Interior


Ioxu, Cultists


Ioxu, Cultists


25 XP

Anathema is a quest in Torment: Tides of Numenera.

Quest Information

Ioxu, a talented varjellen, is harangued by cultists of the Bloom under the lead of one Inkpot. They are accusing him f heresy and want to kill him to please the Bloom.



  • Cultists outside Ioxu's Shanty will ask your help to stop the research. Ioxu will ask you to drive these cultists away.



  • You can use Deception or Intimidation on the cultist outside Ioxu's Shanty. Then collect your reward from Ioxu.
  • You can also suggest Ioxu to stop researching, or try to shut down the device. If you try to shut down the device, Ioxu will attack you.
  • Doing nothing will cause the cultists to take matters into their own hands and kill Ioxu. You can still talk to Inkpot for a reward.





  • If you side with Ioxu, the Inkpot and the cultists will appear in the Nethermost Cavity during the quest: Into the Depths and help the Maws attack you, making this fight harder.

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    • Anonymous

      This quest appears to be partially bugged in PC v1.01; cannot be completed by convincing Ioxu to stop his experiments. Cutscene will trigger but no action will be taken after using Deception/Persuade or Intimidation check.

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