The Anechoic Lazaret

Location: Anechoic Lazaret
Start: Selimeri

The Anechoic Lazaret is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

Selimeri, an old friend of Changing God,has been investigating a gilded structure in the Reef of Fallen Worlds,which she calls the "anechoic lazaret". Recently,someone seem to have broken inside and caused some sort of trouble. She asked Last Castoff to entre the structure,find out what gone wrong,and make it safe to continue her research.


This quest can be acquired by talking to Selimeri in Order of Truth. She gives Last Castoff a metallic eye to open the door to that structure.


Anechoic Lazaret locates in Reef of Fallen Worlds,east side of the map. Qorro may show up inside the structure(depends on whether you let him live),and tells Last Castoff that this place is infested with some kind of drones. Descend to lower levels you will find many Peerless wandering around. To make this place safe for research,these peerless must be destoryed.

This quest is currently bugged,there are three computor-liked thing that allows you to neutralized these Peerless,but the doors to reach them can not open.




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