Beleazar and the Beast

Location: Circus Minor
Start: Beleazar
End: Baleazar, El-Jinto
Turn Beleazar in: 25XP
Give Beleazar the note: 25XP,whispers,20 shin

Beleazar and The Beast is a quest in Torment:Numenera.

Quest Information

An Aeon Priest named Beleazar wants to steal a nychthemeron from its cage in Circus Minor. He intends to teleport the creature to another location so that it can be killed and dissected for study.



This quest can be acquired by talking to Beleazar at Circus Minor,and convincing him to explain what he is up to. This a an Intellect task aided by Persuasion skill.



You can chose to turn Balezar in or free the creature to complete this quest.

  • 1.Turn Beleazar in:
     You can tell El-Jinto that Beleazar tries to free that creature. This will have three potential outcomes: 
     1.1 Tell El-Jinto that the priest has to learn the hard way,this gives you 25XP.

     1.2 Advise El-Jinto to be lenient but then tearing up the papers in Baleazar's face, which upsets both men.25XP.

     1.3 Give Belezar the notes of El-Jinto.25XP,whispers and 20 shins.

  • 2.Free the creature:

     2.1 To free this creature you need to place the item given by Beleazar at nychthemeron's cage. You can pay El-Jinto 100 shins to have a close look,or you can listen to their story and get free access to cage.

     2.2 This approach is currently bugged,more to come.



 Turn in Beleazar without give him note:25XP.

 Give Beleazar the note:20shins,whispers and 25XP.



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